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What is Christian Meditation?

Meditation is a universal spiritual practice, a way of coming into prayerfulness. In the Christian Tradition this is to come into the prayer of Christ - who taught a message of love and acceptance.

Meditation is simple. Being simple means being ourselves, going beyond self-consciousness, self-analysis and self-rejection, to a place of silence, stillness and simplicity.

The method involves the faithful repetition of a single word, taking our mind away from the distractions of images and pre-occupying thoughts at the time of meditation. This is a very ancient way of Christian prayer. The word used was, and is, maranatha - meaning 'Come Lord', as it is repeated, the mind comes to rest in the silence and simplicity of the heart.

The Benedictine monk, John Main (1926-82), recovered this early way of prayer for our modern times through his study of the teachings of the first Christian contemplative monks of the 3rd century  - the Desert Fathers and Mothers. It is also in the same tradition as the Cloud of Unknowing, written in England in the 14th century.

John's legacy inspired the formation of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM), and his work continues through Father Laurence Freeman, also a Benedictine monk.


Tina leads online and in-person Christian meditation groups, and courses for interested groups, in association with the World Community for Christian Mediation (WCCM).

Additional to your stay, Tina offers supportive personal guidance, and meditation, if you require.

For further information about WCCM in the UK, go to:
And for information on communities and events in other parts of the world, go to:


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