Whilst you are here

Warm hospitality and cosy accommodation in a rural landscape is at the heart of what we offer. During your stay we want you to be free to:

wander in wide open spaces;

read and relax;

mindfully meditate;

watch the wildlife;

take scenic strolls;

ultimately feel the pervading sense of peace.

We understand that people have different ideas about what nurtures and refreshes them, it is our intention that you get the most from your time here, whether on a contemplative day or retreat stay. Therefore you will find a variety of resources and personal touches here to enable you to engage how you wish, e.g. a thoughtful selection of books and DVD's, meditative exercises and activities, creative\craft materials.

To find out more about the accommodation we offer, availability and booking, please click on the link below and you will be taken to our booking website www.bagwyfarmretreats.co.uk.