Why retreat?

The word retreat suggests a running away from something, turning tail and scarpering. Yet, when we allow ourselves the opportunity to take time out, alone or with one other, we begin to see it as an opportunity to develop through the contrasting silence of uncluttered space and detachment from the usual distractions. Mindful engagement with the natural world in a simplified environment, we begin to open up to new insights refreshing our active lives.

Self- creativity is born of honest scrutiny and preparedness for change. Learning to be by oneself, with oneself, is sometimes uncomfortable, but it can be a pathway to insight and wisdom...enabling us to discern the right pathways for our lives.

We do not have to travel far, have permanent sunshine or out-and-out luxury, to have the kind of break that restores balance. A peaceful place to reflect and be, allows us the space to stretch out and grow. 


Tina Jefferies, 'How to Find Peacefulness' (2013)

"One of the aspects of dependency is that it is unconcerned with spiritual growth. Dependent people are interested in their own nourishment, but no more; they desire filling, they desire to be happy; they don't desire to grow, nor are they willing to tolerate the unhappiness, the loneliness and suffering involved in growth."  

M. Scott Peck, 'The Road Less Travelled' (1978) 

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