Why retreat?
 Retreat  is a deliberate act of  moving away, withdrawing.  When we allow ourselves opportunity to withdraw from the demands and distractions of modern life, alone or with others, we begin to experience wonderful opportunities to grow. Contrasting silence, uncluttered space, and detachment from usual distractions, we can mindfully engage with the natural world, and open ourselves to new insight. The seemingly passive quiet reflection refreshes and recharges our active lives.

Self- creativity is born of honest scrutiny and preparedness for change. Learning to be by oneself, with oneself, is sometimes uncomfortable, but can be a route to greater insight and wisdom...enabling us to discern the right pathway for our lives.
A peaceful place to reflect and be, allows us space to stretch out and grow. 
Tina Jefferies, 'How to Find Peacefulness' (2013)