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Through the year we offer short courses on meditation and contemplative practice

either online or at the farm   

Introduction to Meditation

in the Christian tradition, a six-evening Course

(online only)

1st March - 6th April 2023

Bookings can be made through Meditatio Centre, London, website

Tina will be leading this course online with Revd Canon Chris Blanchard on behalf of the Centre - teaching how to meditate and establish it as a regular practice; bringing the distracted mind to stillness and silence, and to understand meditation as an ancient form of pure prayer​ - following the teaching of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM)




Thursdays (alternate), 7.30-8.30pm

our online meditation group offers the benefit of joining from

wherever you are

All welcome!




We offer a selection of relaxing gentle days here at the farm (or we can bring them to you) 

 Exploring Silence in Nature

a gentle day exploring the concept of a quiet contemplative response to the natural environment,

fostering a deep sense of inner peace and calm


Awaken the Child 

a gentle day to quiet the mind and deepen attention and awareness,

reigniting childlike qualities of curiosity and deep absorption.

Why Meditation?

a gentle day introducing the general practice of meditation within the Christian tradition.

 These days are provided for small groups, on request, and some scheduled dates. They are held in the garden, fields, orchard areas with sheltered accommodation in a simple shepherd's hut and The Fold.

Facilitated by Tina Jefferies, writer and author of How to Find Peacefulness

For more information, please email Sanctum Retreats

£35 per person

Refreshments included, and donation to our affiliate charities




please email

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