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Since we moved here to this small rustic farmstead, in April 2019, we have been working very hard to develop the house and garden, with the vision to return it to a place of productivity and accentuate its natural beauty.

Once the rain stopped falling through the winter, we were about to begin building our garden-room meditation studio and bring our shepherds hut retreat to the site, but then came Covid lockdown! We were unable to source materials and enlist help. We, as everyone, sat tight. And, gradually, creative energy began to surge, as it so frequently does during times of silence and solitude.


Instead of building rooms, we set to work reinstating an old vegetable garden  area, to create a potager - a place for beautiful flowers, plants, and sitting spaces, mixed with vegetable and fruit growing areas. Fortunate to  have had the insightful help of a lovely lady whom we've had the pleasure of coming to us on retreat every month for many years, we had plans to follow. During the bleak winter months she had thoughtfully and diligently prepared a lovely design. Having spent so much time in our previous garden, being silent, wandering and reflecting, she was able to put her mind to exactly what we wanted to achieve here too, including quiet meditation areas, walkways, views and interconnecting spaces.


We still have a way to go, but as we've laboured in the lovely clement weather of the past few weeks, slowly, slowly, the new garden, meditation studio, and retreat spaces are emerging. 

We look forward to welcoming people here once again in the not too distant future.


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