Sanctum Retreats is based at the Herefordshire home of Tina and  Nick Jefferies.

Back in 2004, Tina decided to take time out from her consultancy work to spend a week totally alone at a small cottage in the countryside. It began as an idea to explore the effects of total aloneness and disconnect from the usual distractions and demands, but turned out to be a life-changing  experience. She discovered that being alone and away from all the usual technologies and routines, the needs of her mind, body and soul began to integrate in a way she'd never fully experienced for any length of time before.

It built on previous learning experiences, refreshing her inner and outer life and led to the publication in 2013, of 'How to Find Peacefulness'  (Hodder & Stoughton)


From this experience, and insights gained from coaching and mentoring people challenged by work and life-related stresses, in 2011 Tina and Nick developed Sanctum Retreats as a practical and spiritual resource for others. Since then they have enabled many people, of faith or none, who seek to discover the lasting physical and spiritual benefits of relaxed and guided time out of the usual routine, and to develop greater resilience and peace.

Tina also leads a meditation group in association with the World Community for Christian Meditation, and facilitates group quiet days at other locations around the country, welcoming people of faith or none to share the benefits of guided reflective time out.

During 2019/20, we are developing self-catering retreat options at our new home, a ten-acre farmstead at the foot of the beautiful Garway Hill, in stunning Herefordshire countryside. This will take time, but we hope to have our first accommodation available  here within the next six months. 

Sanctum is supported by the wise counsel of:

Rev'd Dr Chris Moore 

Rev'd Canon Dr Maureen Palmer 

Rev'd Canon Christopher Blanchard




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