Why retreat?

Life's journey takes us in, out, and around so many different experiences. Some we anticipate, others we don't. Some exhilarate and inspire; others challenge. Sometimes it is helpful to find a place where we can detach a little, gain some perspective.

Rush and distraction in modern life, often makes us think time is in short supply, we make haste. We don't want to miss opportunities and chances to gather and gain. Slowly we bind ourselves to more. More experiences; more possessions; more holidays; more social events; more, more, more. In time, there is little time for ourselves let alone others. It can be helpful to find a place to change the pace, go a little slower, be more mindful.

Simple retreat space can help us not only recover from the demands of life, but offer fresh perspective, and allow the mind, body, and spiritual energy to be trimmed like sails to face the ever blowing winds of time.

Our new rural retreats - wooden studio lodge and rustic shepherd's hut - provide just the place for a relaxing refreshing retreat

self-cater/B&B, in the stunning surroundings of the Herefordshire countryside

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